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about us

who we are

We are a community of manufacturers, producers, and suppliers.

The Cooperative provides itself with all necessary things: feeding raw materials, feed additives, veterinary medicines, genetics and professional staff. Every participant gets stable and corruption-free supply channel and sales of their production. Also, they get legal support and protection of property rights, access to credit resources and modern technologies.

The ideology of our cooperative is reflected in its name:
Co means Co-operative Farming.

about us

our partners

CoFarming is a member of various business associations for expanding its activities and defending the interests of its members.

about us

our mission

To create a strong agribusiness in Ukraine.

We have the necessary knowledge and tools for ensuring the efficiency and profitability of this business and we’re ready to invest our resources into small and medium business.

Every sector will get all the resources they need:
Livestock – efficient nutrition, quality feed, veterinary medicines, accounting, modern technologies, and genetics.
Grain farmers – strong sales market.
Processing plants – quality and safe raw materials.
Human resources – extension of existing and creating new jobs, adequate wages.
Customers – healthy and inexpensive food.


Participants receive

• development and control of the implementation management of the business plan
• veterinary and technical consulting
• one fulltime specialist on a farm from the cooperative (veterinarian, AI technician or accountant) and manager from the cooperative who will organize workflows
• audit and mounthly planning of production
• free access to accounting software for pig and milk farms
• maintain database of the amount of livestock, insemination, transportation of animals, feed, and veterinary medicines extenses
• education of farm employees on how to work with accounting software
• control of database management
• supply of feed and veterinary medicines at the lowest prices
• protection from counterfeit and falsified goods and feed
• expansion of milk and meat sales channels
• corruption-free supply and realization of goods through the cooperative
• laboratory diagnostics of diseases and feed analysis
• selection and delivery of genetics
• protection for members at all levels - media, legal, administrative

Спільні закупки

Common purchases

low prices for feed, veterinary medicines, genetics etc

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access to modern knowledges and technology

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strong sales market for their production



extension of existing and creating new jobs, adequate wages

Спільні закупки

Common sales

higher prices for quality and safe products of the cooperative's members



Benefits of our participants

pig farms

– cost of live weight of pigs at 0.89€ per kilo, excluding VAT
– stable sale of pigs with higher than regular market prices
– absence of antibiotics and hormones as growth stimulators

dairy farms

– cost of milk at 0.15€ per kilo, excluding VAT
– extra class milk
– sell milk without antibiotics and hormones


– cost of live weight of poultry at 0.78€ per kilo, excluding VAT

To join CoFarming you should fill and send us the form.

adDress 6, Mezhygirskogo Spasu st., Vyshgorod,
Kyiv region, Ukraine
working hours Mon-Fri: 08.00-18.00